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Fitness During & After Pregnancy

Are you trying to stay fit while waiting on your bundle of joy? Or trying to get back to fitness with your baby by your side?

I proudly offer prenatal and postpartum fitness options. Watching many clients grow their families triggered a passion for fitness for these mommies. I immediately started to continue my education to be able to safely help women stay fit during their pregnancies and after.  

Prenatal Workouts

Pregnancy affects each of us so differently. Some of us women are sick constantly, some suffer from migraines, and some say it's the best time of their life. Fitness during pregnancy is important, no matter which of the woman you may be. 

Fitness is possible during pregnancy.  Safety is key. Understanding limits is a must. I want to help you, please reach out, and let's discuss your plan.

Pregnant Yoga
Young Mother and Baby

Postpartum Workouts

Your baby is here, and that's exciting. Your body looks different (it's perfect) and you're ready to reach new goals as a mom, I'm here for that! 

Many factors are to be considered before new mommies can hit the gym again. Working out after the baby arrives can help you get back to yourself physically. I also believe postpartum issues to be very real and that fitness helps in mental health too. Safety is still key, so let's safely help you reach new mommy goals!


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